Exhibitor Information

Do you want to Exhibit at our

September 13, 14, 15, 2019 Market? 

The Application and Advertising Opportunities in the Buyer’s Guide will available the first week of June.  


Membership in the Billings Market Association

In order to exhibit at any Billings Market Association market, an individual must first join the Association.  Membership may NOT be made in a company or a sales group name.  Only INDIVIDUALS who are responsible for sales in this territory may apply for membership.  If you are the owner and sales force of a firm, you may apply for membership in your own name — not your company’s.  The company name (or names) you represent is/are listed within the individual member’s listing in our Buyer’s Guides.


New Membership Fee (payable by all new members) $100.00

Annual Dues (payable by all members before showing at their first market of each calendar year)  For those joining at the September Market, the Annual Dues payment will carry over through the next calendar year.  $160.00

2 Market Show Fees @ $90.00/each (It is mandatory to pay for two shows the 1st market of the Calendar Year) $180.00  The 2nd Show Fee appears as a credit on the account to be applied to the other Show Fee Charge during the calendar year.  For example, upon joining to exhibit at the January/February 2019 market, new members must include a minimum of $440.00 with their application to cover Membership, 2019 Annual Dues, & 2-2019 Show Fees.  Booth Space is NOT included in this amount and is payable either with the application or it will be billed and due approximately 3 weeks before move-in day of the Market.  The 2nd Show Fee may be used at the September market of the same calendar year.  When using the credit, the member must submit an application, but the $90.00 Show Fee Credit is applied so that only the booth space charge is due.

We offer several Booth Space Sizes, with cost based on square footage.  All booths are 12′ deep and start at 10′ long.  The complete list of available lengths and costs appear on page 2 of each market application.  For example, a 12′ x 10′ Booth is $324.00.

  • This charge includes equipment (tables, risers, racks & chairs) with the exception of an optional power outlet which is $40.00 per market
  • There is a $40.00 charge is you rent any table cloths for use in your booth.  This is a $40.00 charge per booth, not per cloth.
  • We also have 7′ high by 2′ wide freestanding grids available for use in booths at a rental fee of $15.00 per grid per market.  These are NOT freestanding.  They are available on a first requested basis until our supply is exhausted.

Advertising in our Buyer’s Guides

A Buyer’s Guide is published for each of our markets and mailed in advance to approximately 1200 stores.  At each market they are distributed to all sales representatives and additional copies are available for buyers.  All ads are Black & White — no Color Ads or Bleeds will be accepted.  The following sizes are available:

  • Half Page Ad (Copy size 7″ wide by 4.8″ high)
    • $80.00 per issue
  • Full Page Ad (Copy size 7″ wide by 9.8″ high)
    • $120.00 per issue
  • Inside Cover Ad (Copy size 7″ wide by 9.8″ high)
    • $200.00 per issue